Connie McLean

145 Harrell Road, Suite 109, Fredericksburg, VA 22405

  1. Selection, Selection, Selection!  There is a great selection of homes from which to choose - detached, townhomes, condos, and newly-built homes too!
  2. No Bidding Wars!  There is rarely any competitive bidding in a buyer's market!
  3. You Can Make An Offer!  Today, the sales price vs. sold price ratio is about 95% (some areas higher, some lower) - several years ago you couldn't offer a lower price in a seller's market!
  4. Patience Is Tolerated!  Today a buyer can take a little more time, look at several homes, and take time to think about their decision!  But don't wait too long - the best homes always go fast!
  5. Due Diligence Is Welcomed!  A buyer is encouraged to obtain a home inspection, termite inspection, and appraisal, and, sellers are agreeing to these terms!  In 2005, many buyers waived these contingencies in order to gain an advantage in mulitple offer situations.
  6. Repair Requests Are Being Performed!  In the past, a seller might insist the home was sold in as-is condition because there were always many other buyers standing in line.  Today, sellers are giving repair concessions!
  7. Few, If Any, Investors!  In the past several years, 25-30% of all homes purchased were by investors.  It's a great time to buy with less competition!
  8. Location, Location, Location!  In a buyer's market, reasonably priced homes in the area you'd like to live are within financial reach!
  9. Real Financing Is Available!  Financing is still out there for those who are qualified.  Fixed rates are back!
  10. It's The Best Time To Buy!  Real estate is similar to the stock market.  Prices go up and down.  The best time to buy stock is when its price is down, not up, and the same holds true for purchasing a home.  Sellers are giving buyers closing cost help too!  Would you prefer to wait until prices start rising again?